Introduction to 150 Squadron

150 (City of Oxford) SquadronWelcome to the web site of 150 (City of Oxford) Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC), the area’s largest and best equipped Cadet Unit. We are a large and friendly squadron run by a dedicated staff team.  Unlike some other youth organisations we have high standards and expect a lot from our cadets… we give a lot in return though… For more information take a look at our prospectus, fill in the joining form or pay us a visit.

Have you got what it takes?

If so we’ll see you on the parade square!

Air Training Corps Aims

ATC LogoWe run and active and demanding program of activities in accordance with the three core aims of the ATC:

  • To promote and encourage among young people a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force.
  • To provide training which will be useful in both the Services and civilian life.
  • To foster the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship.

Gold Expedition Training, The Langdales

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is not just for cadets.  It is possible to pursue all three levels of The Award until your 25th Birthday.  After the fun I had getting WO Bentin and FS Cockburn to Bavaria last year, I was delighted when one of our new CIs turned out to be young enough to attempt Gold; another good excuse to do some wild-country work and spend a week in the Alps.  In order to make sure the training was up to standard I once again got in touch with Flt Lt Browell (ML) and we organised a training trip.  Snowdonia was last year; we chose the Lakes for this trip. (Ed.)

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Silver DoE, Forest of Dean

Pretty hills.

Silver is a new departure for 150 Sqn.  We spent sometime looking for countryside which was close enough for us the easily get to, but sufficiently challenging to bridge the gap between the Cotwolds and the wild country you will meet at gold.  We chose The Forestry Commission to host our silver expeditions.  The Forestry Commission is a department of government which manages and protects Britain’s forests.  Those of you who came to Beaudesert will have seen Cannock Chase, which is managed by the forestry commission.   Forestry Commission land is sometimes tough to navigate through, because the trees hide landmarks.  In addition, constant logging and management of the trees shifts the paths and firebreaks.  Often what’s on the map is different from what’s on the ground.  We didn’t have a full team for the expedition, so we got together with Bicester Sqn and headed for the Forest of Dean on the Welsh Border. (Ed.)

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Weapon Training

Before we can let you fire a rifle, you must demonstrate that you are safe and know the drills.  In correctly performing the drills you both prevent accidents and reassure the Range Conducting Officer that you are properly trained.  To give as many of the new people as possible a chance to train, Cpl Skelton ran a training day on a Saturday in April. (Ed.)

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