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150 (City of Oxford) SquadronWelcome to the web site of 150 (City of Oxford) Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC), the area’s largest and best equipped Cadet Unit. We are a large and friendly squadron run by a dedicated staff team.  Unlike some other youth organisations we have high standards and expect a lot from our cadets… we give a lot in return though… For more information take a look at our prospectus, fill in the joining form or pay us a visit.

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Air Training Corps Aims

ATC LogoWe run and active and demanding program of activities in accordance with the three core aims of the ATC:

  • To promote and encourage among young people a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force.
  • To provide training which will be useful in both the Services and civilian life.
  • To foster the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship.

Yorkshire Camp

Camp photo.

This feature covers the five days of our trip to Yorkshire.  Initially this expedition was triggered by my interest in trying to get a visit to RAF Fylingdales in Yorkshire. Yorkshire is home to the North York Moors, the largest area of high moorland in Britain.  It’s also home to some spectacular coast-land and was the home of significant parts of both fighter and bomber command during the war.  With so much past and present Air Force activity and some lovely scenery, I set to ringing the right people and eventually got the squadron on the road shortly after 0800 on 23rd August.  The white rose at the top of this letter is the white rose of the medieval house of York; the most famous of whose members was Richard III, whose reign began following the wars of the roses and is celebrated in Shakespeare’s play.
CI Christlieb

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Hadrian's Wall Expedition

The Hadrian's Wall Walking Party

This article is a report of the five days of our combined 150 (City of Oxford) and 2532 (Milton Keynes) Squadron trip to explore some rather more rugged terrain than we’ve been able to experience in the Chilterns and Cotswolds.  The inspiration for this expedition came when Dr Lodge (CI at 150 Sqn) and I went walking over Easter this year to try and chalk-up some mountain days towards the ML award.  While there’s nothing wrong with lowland walks, there’s nothing like standing on a decent sized hill and feeling a sense of ‘I just climbed that!’ so I began to plan a way to share that feeling with the cadets.  The fact that Hadrian’s Wall is a major piece of British military history seemed a nice bonus.
CI Christlieb

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Officer’s Initial Course, RAFC Cranwell

The Deadalus Crest.

The more eagle-eyed members of the squadron will have spotted that two members of staff have changed their rank-badges.  Plt Off Christlieb and Plt Off Lodge were promoted, or confirmed in rank (depending on your point of view), following their successful completion of the Officers’ Initial Course at RAF College Cranwell.  (Ed.)

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