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Remembrance Parade 2009

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2009 was my first remembrance parade in uniform.  A slightly nervous occasion since my drill is not as practiced as it might be.  I was concentrating very hard during the march down St Giles.  By the way, the brown officers’ gloves are next to useless, so no need for envy on that score. (Ed.)

On Sunday morning all of the cadets gathered at the squadron for 9 o’clock. When all of the cadets had arrived we all formed up in the top room to be inspected by WO Howells.  The one thing she was looking at the most was the ties. A few cadets did not know how to tie the tie in a Windsor knot, so she showed each person how to do the tie. When she had eventually got round the 25 cadets formed up Cpl Dodson handed each of us a poppy to put on our jumpers. Then when that got sorted we all piled onto the two mini buses and set off for Keble road.  When the two mini buses were parked in Keble road, we all got out and formed up on the road with our crisp packets on, warming us up. We looked to the right of us and you could see the Army and Navy formed up and if we looked to the right, you could see St John’s Ambulance cadets and also scouts lined up.  After a while standing in the freezing cold, we started to march forward out of Keble road and onto St Giles road where all of the Navy, Army, Veterans and spectators where standing facing the Monument. When every one was quiet the service started with a hymn, then an act of penitence, then the act of remembrance then the two minutes silence to remember those who died in the war.  When the service ended, all of the squadrons faced left and marched up and round the traffic lights then stopped opposite the dignitaries and halted for a while. Then we marched off back onto Keble road and back onto both of the minibuses, and set off back to the squadron.  When we all got back to the squadron we were all so cold from standing around for about an hour and a half that our hands and feet where numb and our insides so very cold. We had a drink of hot chocolate, which warmed everyone up massively, and some chocolate chip cookies. When Cdt McGurk first saw the biscuits she grabbed 3 and shoved them all in her mouth and then everyone around her started laughing.

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