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Leadership weekend 2010

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Last year we set about teaching leadership according to the RAF preferred SMEAC method.  The method is designed to introduce a systematic method for problem solving and command.  This method will form part of the Officer and Aircrew Selection process and dealt with heavily during Officer Initial and Aircrew Sgt training courses.  CI Boyce has taken charge of this process and as 2010 began she determined to see what our cadets had learned.  Several weekends have been held and we asked some of the cadets to tell about it. (Ed.)

As the summer draws closer, and with an increasing number of older cadets and junior ‘NCOs’, we are keen to increase the amount of leadership and field training exercises held this year. Different exercises were organised to test the cadets range of abilities, from pioneering to ‘capture the flag’ games. Observing the cadets working together was very interesting as there was much improvement from the previous years training program.

The day was broken up into four parts, starting with a simple orienteering exercise. Youlebury scout camp is mainly woodland however there are expanses of open land. This range of undulating terrain makes an ideal area for these types of exercise.  A pioneering exercise followed, this was very amusing. The cadets were briefed to create a structure using six lengths of rope and three wooden poles that would elevate the whole team of three approximately 1 meter off the ground. One of the two teams managed this!

We gave all of the attending cadets a chance to lead an exercise. This involved receiving a mission brief from a staff member, interpreting the important information and delivering the brief to the team, appointing responsibilities and leading a successful mission.  This promoted good team building and leadership skills. It was also a fantastic opportunity for the staff to scout out possible NCO material.

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