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Bavaria Gold DoE Expedition

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Bavaria Gold DoE Expedition
The Principle Credits
Thoughts on the Role of a Supervisor
The Expedition
Day 1: Saturday – The long drive
Day 2: Sunday – Acclimatisation walk: The Grünten
Day 3: Monday – The team prepares and plans, swims and shops
Day 4: Tuesday – The first day on expedition
Day 5: Wednesday – The second day on expedition
Day 6: Thursday – The third day on expedition
Day 7: Friday – The final day of the expedition
Day 8: Saturday – The journey home
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The whole lot.

When two of our senior cadets achieved their bronze award earlier this year, and were already 17 years old, the wheels in my mind started to turn.  Both Flt Sgt Bentin and Sgt Cockburn were obviously ready for the jump to gold.  Phone calls were made to friends with ML certificates and neighbouring squadrons.

  Our initial haul was a team of seven and we regret that we lost two of our team at an early stage due to pressures of work.  Still, the team was formed and we undertook our training (see Sgt Bentin, Cad. Lett., 2(3), 4 (2008) and Flt Sgt Bentin, Cad. Lett. 2(4), 1 (2008)).  The Ulysses Fund provided much needed financial assistance and Lt Col. Gerrish (ACF) provided the organisational support.  So it was that two staff and five cadets gathered at the Oxford Services on the M40 at 2200 on Friday 29th August.  We were waiting for the coach that had left Cumbria at 1600 that day; it would take us to Southern Germany over the next 19 hours (Ed.).

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