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These pages will show you our squadron program for the next three months and soon will also allow you to look at an archive of our old programs.  The next three months’ programs are available in the drop-down menu above the archive will be available on this page.

For Current Members

If you are already a member of the squadron this is where you can find out what you are doing tonight.  To use the program you need to know which classification you are studying for… if you are first class for example you need to look in the 'To Ldg' (Leading) row.  The colour code (below) tells you what type of activity you are doing and what uniform you need to wear.


Example of Traninig

Clothing to wear / bring

Staff and NCO evenings and informal events. Civilan Clothing
Sports Working blue uniform & sports wear to change into.
Fieldcraft, Shooting, and leadership traning Soldier 95 uniform (DPM). 'Greens'
All normal academic and progect training. Working blue uniform (dark blue shirt).
Formal Parades and Awards Evenings. Wedgwood blue uniform (light blue shirt).
Duke of Edinbrough training. Expedition Kit

For Potential Cadets and Parents

Our program archive will give you an idea of the activities that 150 squadron has undertaken over the years.  To see a program look in the archive section of the drop-down menu above.


To First

Our junior cadets undertake the program from this row.  When you join this is the category you will start and remain in for about 6 months.

To Leading (To Ldg)

Our first class cadets, having completed the first part of their training, undertake this challenging stage.  After passing this level of training a cadet can take part in almost all cadet activities.

To Senior/Staff (Snr/Staff)

Once passed leading cadets undertake advanced training to Senior and Staff cadet level.  These stages will qualify the cadet to claime thier BTEC in Aviation Studies.

General Service

This category and row of the program is for cadets that are between training stages.

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